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Event ID: 9323273
Event Name: 2018 Rowland & Stewart Cups
Event Type Event Registration
Restricted: None
Requires Register: Yes
Requires Payment: Yes
Start Date: 10/11/2017
End Date: 1/6/2018
Payments Accepted:   Discover,Mastercard,Visa
Event Location:
Maryland Fields
, MD 20783

Primary Contact:
Fran McGrath
(410) 662-4540 (Home)
(410) 530-2018 (Cell)


2018 Maryland Cups
The Rowland Cup is Maryland's oldest cup competition, first played in 1914. It is Maryland's open championship. The winner of the Rowland Cup will advance to the USASA Region I qualifiers for the Werner Fricker Cup.

The Stewart Cup is Maryland's second oldest cup competition, first played in 1932. It is Maryland's amateur championship. The winner of the Stewart Cup will advance to the USASA Region I qualifiers for the US Amateur Cup.

Teams registered and playing in any MSSA affiliated league are eligible to enter the Rowland and/or Stewart Cups. Teams playing in non-affiliated leagues are not eligible. Teams entering the Rowland and/or Stewart Cups are not eligible to enter the Morton Cup.

A draw will be held for all of our cup competitions. In the Rowland & Stewart Cups, all attempts will be made to avoid repeat of first round between the two cups and to avoid teams from the same league/division being drawn in first round matches if possible. This will be dependent upon the number of entries between leagues. Clubs will not be seeded although the champion from the previous year may be given a bye if necessary.

The cups will begin in January and we try to conclude by mid-March. Matches will be played primarily on Sundays.

Teams must enter online through this site. The deadline to enter the cups is 15 December 2017. The entry fee is $105 per cup (convenience fee included) and must be paid online.

Referee fees for the cups are $170.00 ($85.00 per team) and paid at the field by each team.  

If there are any questions, email Cup Commissioner Fran McGrath or MSSA President Tony Falcone.

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